Annual Maintenance Contract

A new age website is expected to carry up to date information and in order to make this process convenient for you, we offer Website Annual Maintenance Services. With a professional AMC, managing the information on your website becomes easy for you and at the same time there are other benefits such as regular backups, bug fixing, etc. As your business progresses towards wider horizons, keep the world updated about your accomplishments through your website.

Since every website has a different need, custom SLAs (Service Level Agreements) can be defined as per your requirements and specifications. Enjoy the benefits of flexibility in contract preferences, promptness in support and timely implementation of updates.

The prominent features of website maintenance are:

  • Regular updates of content; graphics and images

  • Development of additional pages/links

  • Regular website backup

  • Regular database backup

  • Prompt technical support

  • Regular checks for broken/corrupt/missing links

  • Regular checks for website

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