Electronic commerce has many advantages for the company selling its products and also consumers. Because we live in a capitalist world where free markets are different companies competing standards and finding different methods to increase sales and profits. E-commerce web development service has gained popularity because it helps greatly in increasing the profits of a company. It also gives the company an effective tool to expose the potential of the company and its products and services worldwide. E-commerce software development gives the company a safe and effective method of marketing their products, and provides a means instant and reliable communication with their consumers. Due to its efficiency and ease of use, the customer base gets bigger, customers are satisfied and become loyal customers of the company. The development of software applications for e-commerce are the following? Document Automation in the supply chain and logistics? National payment systems and international? Enterprise Content Management? Group buy? Assistants automated online? Instant Messaging? Newsgroups? Online shopping and order tracking? Online Banking Online? Office suite software? Shopping? Teleconference? Electronic tickets

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